Children are more likely to respond to something they can relate to. With that in mind, the Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) developed the Freggie™ Children’s Program, the youth component of the Half your Plate program. This is just one part of our effort to encourage consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables for overall better health.

Program elements, including the In-school program, are designed to help children understand the benefits of making healthy food choices that include fresh fruits and vegetables. By doing so, children begin to learn about taking responsibility for their overall health.

How can I use the Freggie In-School Program?

The Freggie™ In-School Program is available to schools across Canada in a ready-to-implement PDF kit. This curriculum complements school healthy living initiatives and Ministry health guidelines, including Ontario’s PPM150.

The Freggie™ In-School Program is designed to encourage children to eat fruits and vegetables as part of their healthy lunches and snacks at school, while helping them understand the benefits of making healthy food choices that include fresh fruits and vegetables.

As part of the guided program, students receive ballots for each piece of produce they bring and eat at school. Each month, two students from each class are selected from the classroom ballot box to win a Freggie™ Award. The more fruits and veggies that a student consumes, the more entries the student can make.

The program can be adapted to suit your school’s healthy eating and active living initiatives. Some schools offer monthly smoothie days in lieu of pizza day, others award school wide winners on a monthly basis (vs. weekly by class). The program is easily adaptable to your needs and the Freggie™ team is always eager to hear and share best practices from Freggie™ Schools.

The Freggie ™ Educator’s Guide was designed with an Ottawa Catholic School Board teacher and offers great tips to integrate fruits and veggies into your regular curriculum with little effort. Our newly developed curriculum (link to curriculum page) package offers comprehensive lesson plans for grades 1 through 6, and supports various elements of curriculum expectations from health to language arts, science and math, dramatic arts and more.

In addition to the Freggie™ In-School Program, CPMA’s Freggie™ program includes an interactive Write to Freggie™ program, Freggie Tales™ Adventures, games, jokes, recipes and more right here on freggietales.ca.

Freggie™ across Canada

Freggie is available for personal appearances throughout Canada. If you would like Freggie to visit your school or event, please contact the regional Produce Marketing Association nearest you for more information. Please note that they likely cannot supply a performer and may apply a rental/cleaning fee.

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