Freggie Children Program Ressources

Use these fun Freggie™ resources in the classroom or community center to encourage children to make healthy lifestyle choices that include choosing fruits and veggies!

Freggie™ Chef for a Day Blueprints Package:  Interested in throwing a Freggie™ Chef for a Day event at your school or community center? Use the resources to help you with the planning process and get you on your way.

Freggie™ Chef for a Day recipe booklet : Use this booklet for great kid friendly recipe ideas or as a basis for recipe selection if you plan to throw a Freggie™ Chef for a Day Event.

Freggie™ In Class Teachers Kits: Looking to encourage kids to bring in fruits or veggies as their snacks?  Use these kits to get you started!

Fruit and Vegetable Fact Sheets: Use these one pagers to learn more about different fruits and veggies.

Curriculum: Download the free lesson plans for grads 1-6.